Confessions Of A Slut

A place where I can tell you all the filthy things I do.

Last Night…

For the past year I have been having casual sex with a guy that already has a girlfriend. Oops. I have no emotional attachment to him, I just happen to like the way he fucks me. From here on anytime I talk about this guy, he will be known as “The Boyfriend”. 

Sometimes I like to pretend that I am not in the mood for sex when BF comes over, it leads to a game of cat and mouse. As I am female I am out of action for one week out of four :( This week is that week.

So as we are sat on the sofa talking, he makes a move and starts kissing me, as he pulls my top up I pretend I don’t want to and I just want to watch TV. As he never takes no for an answer, he proceeds. . After a couple of minutes kissing, I push him off and move to the end of the sofa. This time he means business. He pulled my shirt open and my bra down and kissed, licked and bit my tits. 34F BTW :) as he pushed his face into them, he kept a hand around my throat. I was then picked up and carried to my bedroom, thrown on the bed and pushed backwards until my head was hanging off the end of the bed. He then kneeled over me and pushed his cock down my throat, while squeezing my tits. 

To finish himself off I was moved on top of him, in the 69 position, taking his whole cock in my mouth, he pulled my underwear down just enough so he could play with my arsehole, until he came on my face.

As soon as he finished, I got dressed as did he, then he left. Perfect.


Rebloggin this as this is what I was up to last night :)

Rebloggin this as this is what I was up to last night :)

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Where To Start…

I have been thinking what my first official post should be about but I cannot decided. So I will just bring you up to date with my life and then I’ll be posting stories from my past…. 

So I am 25. I have been single for 4 years. I was once engaged (lucky escape) I am successful, career  woman and I live on my own. I wouldn’t say that I have slept with a lot of people I just always have a story to tell!

I hope you guys enjoy.


Coming soon…

So I have decided to create a confession blog. I have quite the active sex life and a few amusing stories, so this is where I can let the world see them. It is mainly for myself but please feel free to submit anything you feel like.